How I created a site that has 600K visits a month

Steve created Episode.Ninja as a side project. He thought it was a useful product for people wanting to re-watch just the best episodes of TV shows. He focused on technical SEO and soon the site was getting a high number of visits. Currently, Episode.Ninja has more than 600K visits per month and it's generating more than 1K MRR. Steve shares with us the decisions he made while building this project, his thoughts about how to re-write it and improve it, and he even share some SEO tips.

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About Steve Sanders

Steve is a full-stack developer from the Chicago suburbs. He designed, built, and run a website called Episode Ninja that uses user ratings to rank the best episodes and seasons of TV shows.

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Common piece of advice when working on side projects: just use what you know. You have to have reasonable goals to be able to actually launch something so the obviuos way to do that is to use the technologies that you know

Steve Sanders

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