From abandoned project to profitable product

Raz started his indie maker journey buidling games but soon he transitioned to web development. He created ChartBrew as a tool to help him track the growth of one of his games. After a period of failed interviews with potential clients, he burned out and abandoned it. A year later, he recovered interest in it and gradually started doing market research and sales, which helped with turned it into a profitable product.

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About Razvan Ilin

Raz is software engineer and UX designer from Romania although he's currently based in Bali. Follow him on Twitter and check out ChartBrew if you're interested in setting up a visualization dashboard for your products.

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Sticking to something is one of the hardest things to do. There are makers doing 12 startups in 12 months... that's valid when you dont have anything to work on but I think it's best to stick to something. Most of the time is going to take at least a year

Razvan Ilin

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